This feel good app called FeelGoood helps you find better feeling thoughts.

When you feel good or bad, hopeful or in despair, you can always find the opportunity to move up the emotional scale to feel good and even better.

"This app is freaking amazing best thing ever and I am picky and indecisive so I will never give an amazing perfect thing a 10, I'll give it a 9. But this app is a mind blowing freaking 10!! I'm telling all my family and friends who also love Abraham to get this! Thank you for making this!"   - Jenevieve

How is the FeelGoood app different?

While other apps offer you general affirmations for feeling better, the affirmations in the FeelGoood app are a guided stream of suggestions that gradually lead your mind to higher vibes.

This feel good app helps you to focus on better feeling thoughts as you read one card at a time, and after reading a series of cards your emotions will definitely improve.

They’re based on the teachings of Abraham Hicks. This feel good app will help you feel good because the content has been carefully selected and applied to the emotional scale.

FeelGoood app will get you through the down days, it will pick you up and make you feel good again!

"This is working so well for me, and thank you for adding the edit and add button! I'm adding my own statements that are causing me to soar!"   - Stacy

"I love the ability to adjust the phrases and add your own based on what feels good to me personally. The sliding scale is perfect. Wonderful idea and a great app." - Brian

The FeelGoood App Topics

Have a great day! Feel good about yourself!

Get on a path of financial success! Put a sparkle into your relationship!

General topics

From general scale, anger management and affirmations for better life appreciation, here you can also find affirmations that could help you be more grateful, to believe in yourself more or simply to start each morning with good questions.

If you like to sing, this feel good App has cards that show rap lyrics for you to sing along with.



The app offers you affirmatons that are intended to lead you to feel better about your body and health. It also has a special set of affirmations for specific body and heatlh conditions: physical pain, diabetes, neck tension and weight loss.


If you have trouble with facing deadlines or job interviews, don`t have enough time or you want to become better in sales, the app has the right affirmations for that, too.


Whether you have problems with your lover, parents or even mother-in-law, the app will help you to reconnect with them. It also offers you great affirmations to become a more effective parent.

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your has really truly blessed me this last week to stay on top of doing my emotional work on myself? Namaste ...I was having a rather tough day. I was telling the universe how much I wanted an easier way to do the work. And it was maybe 10 minutes later I found your app. I sat down and went through the whole general scale section and by the time I was done I was dancing and singing in the kitchen making dinner for my kids. Really amazing transformation from a stressed out and crying girl... Thanks so much !!!"   - Jennifer

You will NOT find these features anywhere but in the FeelGoood App 

Emotional Scale

The content of topics is based on the teachings of Abraham Hicks on the Law of Attraction and the emotional scale.

Edit Content

This ability to edit the content of cards makes the FeelGoood app super flexible and adjustable to your needs.

Add New Cards

You can add your own individualized cards into a set of offered cards. This option is open for registered users.

Delete cards

Cards can also be deleted when the content doesn't resonate with you, something unique to this app only.

Foreign Languages

Unlike similar apps we offer topics in foreign languages: French, Russian, and more to come. Translators welcome.

Topic Rating

Registered users can rate and comment on the topic for the benefit of others, basically insider feedback.

Local Notifications

Registered users can enable the notification feature to receive affirmations from chosen topics in a certain time interval.

Audio Feature

Some topics are provided with audio recordings. Users can also read and record any topic on their phone. 

"2 minutes to AMAZING! I love this app and am so grateful for the wisdom being shared! Thank you! I love the power of these words in changing my vibration in such a short time! Awesome!"   - Claire

What Are You Waiting For... ?

Start Feeling Good and Even Better NOW!

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